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Medical Marijuana Card

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Our licensed Tustin doctors, who specialize in cannabinoid medicine, will by no means turn you away from receiving the amazing benefits that medical marijuana has to offer you in the case that you qualify from our trusted evaluations. Right after qualifying for medical cannabis at our Tustin clinics, you’ll obtain a Tustin medical marijuana card that will help qualify you to purchase medical marijuana at a certified dispensary or collective. Get your medical card today!

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Tustin Medical Marijuana Doctor

The state of California was one of the first states to legalize medical marijuana. Marijuana is now legal in California and 13 other states. California has really had impact on other states in accepting this type of medication for patients. California allows for the treatment of many ailments with the medical marijuana. This was through the legal provision referred to as Compassionate Use Act.

Tustin is one of the cities with the highest numbers of medical marijuana consultants. The city with a population of 75, 000 has had a number of dispensaries cropping up to help patients get access to this kind of treatment. You can get a qualified Tustin medical marijuana doctor, but you have to be careful when looking for these doctors.  There are many unscrupulous people out there who could get you in trouble due to their malpractices when it comes to the administration and use of marijuana. Using the services of such people is illegal and could get you on the wrong side of the law.

If you want to get a qualified Tustin medical marijuana doctor, you need to understand the law to avoid being misled. The first thing you need to know is the process of application in Tustin and Orange County in general. Before you get a recommendation for medical marijuana treatment, you will need to have had one of the medical conditions treatable with medical marijuana. There are 166 conditions that can be treated by medical cannabis as postulated by California’s laws. These include AIDS, HIV, Arthritis, Alzheimer, Cancer, etc. Before you can start getting your medication you will have to consult with a physician so that he can tell you if you are qualified and consequently, give you a recommendation needed for your application.

After you get your recommendation from your doctor you will have to go to the health department to make an application. There are other forms you will need to fill in order to complete the application. Copies of your medical history will be needed alongside your application. Your ID, driving license and proof of residency may be needed for the completion of the application. You will have to wait for the application to be approved. Before you can get approval and an answer from the medical department you will need to wait for about 4 weeks. You may have to wait just as long before you can get the medical marijuana card.

Once you understand these laws it becomes easer to establish whether a provider of this service is genuine. If you consult people who do not seem to have any regard for this process, then you are probably dealing with phonies. A genuine Tustin medical marijuana doctor will be patient and realistic about how you go through this process. If you realize that the doctor is taking short cuts and is not paying attention to the process, you need to think twice.

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