La Mesa Medical Marijuana Card

Medical Marijuana Card

La Mesa medical marijuana doctor

While many medical marijuana facilities in La Meca are being forced to close, it’s not surprising that many are fighting to stay open. Medical marijuana is a necessity for those with conditions, such as AIDS, cancer and multiple sclerosis.

With the widespread popularity of medical marijuana in California, much attention has been paid to La Mesa medical marijuana doctors for both positive and negative reasons. On the positive side, medical marijuana is providing treatment to many patients who would otherwise be in excruciating pain. On the negative side, La Mesa medical marijuana dispensaries are under great scrutiny.

Finding La Mesa medical marijuana dispensaries

If you’re trying to find the La Mesa medical marijuana doctor dispensary, your list of possibilities is endless. Your will find La Mesa medical marijuana doctors at every corner of the city. And though there is still strong opposition to medical marijuana, boundless numbers of doctors remain faithful to providing marijuana to patients in need.

The PAC –La Mesa Marijuana Dispensary—91942 is a full service holistic Wellness Center that offers a number of activities devoted to promoting good health and well being. This facility dispenses marijuana to patients suffering from preexisting and life threatening illnesses. The facility’s broad based approach to wellness fits well with the administering of medical marijuana.

La Mesa medical marijuana doctor clinics

Finding a La Mesa medical marijuana doctor is not a difficult task, especially when you can find a plethora of online directories of medical marijuana doctors in the area. The Organic Medical Clinic is just one example of a facility that employs La Mesa medical marijuana doctors. Next on the list of reputable doctors is Medical Cannabis Consultants, a dispensary in nearby San Diego.

Dr. Robert F. Sterner, MD is also steadfast in his efforts to provide medical marijuana to patients. The Legal Cannabis Institute is yet another example of a La Mesa medical marijuana doctor facility.

The problem for all La Mesa medical marijuana is the possibility of mandatory closings. In March 2011, two West Hollywood medical marijuana dispensaries were raided by “federal agents,” according to The Los Angeles Times.

Proposition 19

Proposition 19 was passed in 2010, and people still have strong opinions regarding its implementation. “Until the FDA reschedules, all of our efforts to make right this law get squandered in power vacuums,” said one individual on a discussion board. “We will not get ‘legal marijuana’ under this law. What we will do is tie the hands of Law Enforcement, and we will continue to be under the mercies of money loving litigators just as we are under SB 420 and prop 215. And I don’t know what’s worse; prohibitionist cops or litigators. When it was all illegal, it was cheaper. Once they could make money, they took us for everything we got. Sorcery is the word that best describes that extortion.”


Concerning the La Mesa medical marijuana doctor, medical marijuana is on the minds of many Californians for different reasons. First, there are those who advocate its use and those who fear it will ruin society. Which one it becomes is ultimately up to lawmakers.

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