Del Mar Medical Marijuana Card

Medical Marijuana Card

Del Mar medical marijuana doctor

Situated on the edge of California, between San Diego and the Pacific Ocean, Del Mar, California is an eclectic mix between medical technology and pop culture. And for this reason, it should come as no surprise that Del Mar medical marijuana doctor clinics are gaining momentum in this unique and booming city.

Even though finding a Del Mar medical marijuana doctor is a dream for many people, it has faced strong opposition from the San Diego Superior Court. In July 2011, the San Diego Superior Court demanded the closure of Del Mar’s medical marijuana dispensary. According to the Del Mar Times, the facility was ordered to shut down its facility immediately. This, of course, raised challenges for every Del Mar medical marijuana doctor that dispenses marijuana to critically ill patients.

Doctors defy societal norms

In spite of current criticism and opposition to patients seeing a Del Mar medical marijuana doctor, many medical professionals continue to offer medical marijuana as a medical treatment. The San Diego Herbal Alternatives-10-9 daily touts its willingness to accommodate their patients and schedule a consultation to meet with those in need of medical marijuana.

With the doctor, as a cannabis patient, you will always enjoy safe and legal access to the products. The doctor operates in compliance with SB 420, Prop 215 and H&S Code 11362.5. This type of attitude brings comfort to patients in need of medical marijuana.

According to San Diego Herbal Alternative, some of the most potent and beautiful flowers are available at a very minimal donation base. For patients, this means that they get the maximum effects of the drug to stop or minimize their symptoms. To achieve this kind of quality, the facility uses many types of marijuana flowers, concentrates and edibles to provide you with medical treatment.

To accommodate the needs of their patients, many dispensaries are open on weekends. This is especially helpful for those who work during the week.

Medical marijuana doctors fight back

Providing medical marijuana to sick patients is the passion of many Del Mar medical marijuana doctors, especially when the government is fighting for closings. However, these dispensaries have been taking matters into their own hands.

The ongoing fight to close

In October, the owner of Del Mar’s only marijuana dispensary received a letter demanding that he close his facility, according to the Signon San Diego News. He fought the request and was able to remain open. If the facility faces opposition again, he will have no choice but to close. This is bad news for both the facility’s owner and the patients who depend on him for treatment.

Medical marijuana is perfectly legal in California, so the state doesn’t have the right to close facilities, Del Mar medical marijuana doctors say.


The issue of allowing a Del Mar medical marijuana doctor to keep his facility open has stirred controversy, as has the legality of medical marijuana. Is it legal? Yes. Will it remain that way? We have yet to know.

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