About our Medical Marijuana Doctors

USA Cannabis Physicians Group

All of our medical marijuana card doctors are highly trained and compassionate, most of whom have backgrounds in internal medicine. With over four years of experience recommending cannabis and evaluating patients with a vast array of medical conditions, our medical staff is considered the nation’s best when it comes to cannabinoid medicine.
Patient confidentiality is very important to us, which is why your medical records will be protected by HIPPA and your identity will be protected.
Medical Marijuana Doctors

Why Choose Us?

Get your consultation with warm, experienced staff.
Our physicians & nurses combine extensive experience and expertise to provide you with the smoothest evaluation possible. We are committed to providing patients with a safe and professional medical marijuana evaluation.

Medicinal marijuana has proven to be a successful alternative health treatment for hundreds of aliments and diseases. We take pride in the superior professionalism that our patients can see.
Our medical marijuana recommendations and multiple versions of the medical cannabis recommendation letter are second to none.

Our standard physician letter is done on parchment paper- all information is typed into the letter and embossed with an official seal. We believe that our patients should not have to use inferior medical cannabis card paperwork and medical marijuana renewal recommendations.

We are committed to comprehensive care for patients, from initial screening through all phases of treatment.  Our world class 24/7 verification service is the highest quality in the industry.  We offer VERY competitive pricing. Well known in the medical cannabis community to be the most affordable.

Just because we offer value for your money doesn’t mean we won’t offer you the best service we can. Our friendly staff is always happy to make sure your visit goes your way.