San Diego Medical Marijuana Advocates Propose Dispensary Ballot Measure

by admin on December 20, 2011

Regulating medical marijuana dispensaries in San Diego has been a growing concern among residents and city officials. Many attempts by the San Diego city council to regulate dispensaries have gone south over the past couple of years. However, last week San Diego medical marijuana advocates have initiated a ballot measure that would tax and regulate medical marijuana dispensaries in the area. Some of the sticking points would be a 2.5% sales tax on all retail transactions, as well as specific zoning requirements, according to Sign On San Diego.

Medical Marijuana Supporters

Medical Marijuana Supporters

This is a nice development, as it will allow the locals in the area to get peace of mind that some restrictions exist for the medical marijuana industry. However, I wouldn’t hold my breath that the city will sit back and allow the medical marijuana industry to prosper in San Diego. For years, the city attorney has been on a witch hunt for dispensaries that are operating in violation of Federal law, which would be all dispensaries. Despite the recent ballot proposal, It is pretty clear that the city attorney will do everything in its power to side with Federal law on the issue of medical marijuana, which has had an impact on the industry as a whole in the recent months. Many locals have been reluctant to get their San Diego Medical Marijuana Card due to this issue.

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