Medical Marijuana Loses Stigma, Gains Popularity With Seniors

by admin on October 15, 2010

Baby boomers are bridging the cultural divide with their parents who were once adamantly opposed to marijuana. A new New York Times reports that middle aged medical marijuana patients are introducing cannabis to their parents as a viable alternative to common prescription medications:

Bryan, 46, a writer who lives in Illinois, began supplying his parents about five years ago, after he told them about his own marijuana use. When he was growing up, he said, his parents were very strict about illegal drugs.

“We would have grounded him,” said his mother, who is 72.

But with age and the growing acceptance of medical marijuana, his parents were curious. His father had a heart ailment, his mother had dizzy spells and nausea, and both were worried about Alzheimer’s disease and cancer. They looked at some research and decided marijuana was worth a try.

Medical professionals have seen use among their elderly patients growing.

“I think use of medical marijuana in older people is going to be much greater in the future,” said Dan G. Blazer, a professor of geriatric psychology at Duke University who has studied drug use and abuse among older people.

The rate for people ages 50 to 65 who said they smoke marijuana was nearly 4 percent — about six times as high as the 65-and-over crowd — suggesting that they were more likely to continue whatever patterns of drug use they had established in their younger years. In both age groups, the rate of marijuana abuse was very low, about 1 in 800.

Source: NYTimes 10/9/10

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Back Intheday June 20, 2012 at 2:59 pm

Baby Boomers who are turning 65 this year mark the leading edge of the boomer generation (born in 1947). The hippie movement began in the mid to late 60′s with the ’47 models turning 21 in 1968, so the change in attitude toward marijuana as referenced in the Duke University study naturally occurred with this age group.

Now, as the health issues of growing older begin to take their toll, we turn back to the habits of our youth with renewed enthusiasm. Excuse me while I go off to medicate…….


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